Yes it is, a Magic number

Remember growing up with “Schoolhouse Rock?” I wonder if they have pockets deep enough to create versions for different languages. I was just working on Spanish with my lil sis, who is currently struggling with conjunction junctions that are blocked, nouns that lock themselves away in forgotten land, verbs that stand high on the shelves, out of reach and interjections that are tossed around at the naughty corners of the playground.

She needs something proper to say when she’s happy or sad, excited or mad, frightened or glad, and Schoolhouse rock español would help her decipher that smoldering look that Antonio Banderas makes. But I digress; my stress in this post is to emphasize what a hurdle it is to clear the bar of literacy, and today’s piece reflects that boundary:

The Pagemaster

walking among
for the hundredth time
the leonine
aisles of the library
i see a small
balding man
working his
brain into
a sweat trying
to find
the face
of a giraffe
hidden amongst
the names of
other animals

that is
a metaphor
but i promise
if you smile
at him
he will
return the gift

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