Ever After, and before Ever After as well


Have you ever had one of those days where afterward you thought to yourself, “Damn, I need to get me one of those old oak tree trunks so I can see what the world was like a hundred years ago?” or even better, a giant redwood that could count the clock backwards all the way to the time when the calendars changed, the daylight savings on a much grander scale. I just need to assure myself sometimes that we survived just fine without making too much of a mess. Then again, maybe it’s just to reassure ourselves that we had an impact, like the graffiti scratches on walls reminding us that someone stopped by sometime not too long ago. We have to leave some remnant of ourselves, even if its just gum wrappers, because we’re only a little punctuation mark in the history of these trees and their lineages. But again, I’m getting ahead of myself and revealing a teaser for tomorrow. I need to be patient, maybe hospitalized.

Ever After

We carry our broken bottles behind us as we walk along
Apple cores fall half-eaten in the medians
names are guessed but quickly forgotten
breadcrumbs are lost or stolen
by scavengers

Or in glass slippers we step
We are Cinderellas all at midnight
Sometimes the people we meet can’t keep up with our stride
and find themselves slicing their feet on pieces of glass
Sometimes they leave us behind and we trip over their shards,
clinging to our own flimsy string for balance.
Sometimes we walk backwards
lost in circles and find
our shoes no longer fit
We must keep our legs careful to find
Happily sometimes

But at times when we meet another
we keep pace with each other
We may even hold hands
forgetting fairy story scripts
When people pass by our bottles left
sitting lonely on the side of the road
they will wonder where their owners went
We have not been gone long, but we will not return

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