What would Goldilocks eat for breakfast nowadays?


Touch me touch me
I’m age seven so just on the hand is enough
Squeeze it like your teddy bear
like corduroy with a cotton heart
but not hard as a rag-doll
I am still soft
And too small goldilocks
to know that I’ll be searching for this
just-right until fairy tales are
no longer told

Touch me first love
Being wrapped in a chokehold
between your arms
Princess charming
is almost too much to bear
is like gasping for air
in a room filled with rainforests
At age ten I know there’s more
but forgive my fear of going farther
I have heard that path is haunted

Touch me temptress
In your little red dress
your hood gets in the way
of our lips touching
but you breathe
and the rest of the world disappears

even when my appetite grows adult rated
maybe a little carnivorous
but unless under my thirteen year
sheepish exterior
there’s a wolf where
my heart should be
we stay up most of the evening
just whispering fantasies and
exploring minds more than bodies

Let’s skip a few years
those dark ages between when
we meet Rumpelstiltskin and
sign the contract
with the sleepy prick of a finger
For less a cuddly cub inside
I now fancy myself a grizzly
beastly thing with freakier tastes
like maybe the flavor of whipped cream
and sweat (for who puts deodorant on
their necks?)
Beauty doesn’t ever stay long
I am really just a horny
adolescent cub who doesn’t fit into
a bowl of porridge anymore

Fast forward further to Poseidon’s house
His daughter says he won’t be home until 5:30
which gives us exactly a bunch of time
to the minute
The action starts a little nervously
because it has been a while
I claim
But to my brain it is the first comic
origin story and what if my
superpowers don’t work?
I can’t breathe
but Circe keeps me inhaling
clamping her thighs around my
face and telling me it’s scuba equipment
and i try to deep sea dive to a maturity
my lungs aren’t yet big enough to reach

Touch me
Still a hand is all you need
down the small of a back
that is no longer acting like a bad wolf
that pretends to have outgrown old fairy tales
Who looks at gnarled hemlocks and
no longer sees faces staring back
but believes in magic
as long as the inner workings are
still a mystery

2 thoughts on “What would Goldilocks eat for breakfast nowadays?

    1. Once upon a time, there was this comment section cabin.
      Now, nobody had really seen it before, for it was hidden deep in the woods of a virtual web. But one day, a group of story writing foxes stumbled upon it,
      Like the musicians of Bremen, and were never heard from again.
      I hope you scattered breadcrumbs to find your way back to the real world.

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