“I can fly!” No, that’s just photoshop magic


This is my brother. He is awesome. For real. He also looks like Peter Pan. Except without the Kokiri forest Link wardrobe. But close resemblance, maybe too close…hmmmmmm.
The picture is taken by Viva. She is awesome too. Check her out by clicking on this dazzlingly awesome hyperlink.

Peter Pan, all grown up-ish

My shadow sometimes has a mind of its own.
When I am sleeping,
He slips from my side silently, like a
lover who has seen one too many
the morning after.

Maybe he only leaves when
he needs a little loving.
I imagine him mingling with other shapes,
and trying his chat up lines on the looser, more
fluid empty reflections.
“Baby, you must be a murder victim because
I want to outline you in sidewalk chalk,”

“Girl, you suck up so much light, I can’t tell
where the nighttime ends and you begin.”
I hope he gets lucky, and they end up
overlapping each other,
making inappropriate adult shadow puppets.
Maybe that’s how they have sex.

Or maybe they try and find a quiet
spot away from stars and moonlight
and just spend the evening pretending
to be the silhouettes of extinct sea creatures.
Yeah, I’d like to think he’s sensitive like that,
not just in it for the fast flicker of a light switch.

But I’m fooling myself, for he is a trickster at heart.
I know what his shakes of mirth mean when
he returns to me in the wee hours, after last call.
A little blurry around the edges, he’s drunk with reflection,
and recalls the fun of the evening.
I’ve heard that he crashes concerts and plays
to make lewd shapes on the walls
behind the performers.

He makes people believe they are being followed,
especially those who will try and star in their own action
films when frightened.
As he creeps behind them, they will
often spin around furiously
in one of those car waxing poses
learned from 80’s martial arts films.
Sometimes they holler at the darkness
Like “Ey Yo!”
as if greeting an ex-green beret
psychopath killer will keep him from
his mission, which is how they imagine him in
their minds.

At times though, I would rather see him stuck
to my feet permanently with super glue,
not to keep him out of trouble, but
to remind me that I wasn’t always
so scared of adventure.

The flying memories
of childhood are fleeting
and the freedom of fairy dust
lasts only as long as you
believe in them.

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