Eleven Reasons Why I Avoid Haiku, or I Missed The Counting Segments of Sesame Street


a teddy bear shows
snowy cotton intestines
“he was a rescue”

Halloween candy
wrappers deep in the trash bin
hiding evidence

her wrists are bleeding
with the juice of blood oranges
“i’ll be home late love”

innocent child
they’re lifting weights
at 3 in the morning

he strikes a match head
and watches it burn
into a flower

forgetful children
fill their pockets with lost and
wonder where they’ve gone

shadow blends into shadow
and only the fool
can find the puppets they make

unexpected flight
sprinting through the backyard gate
with robe flaps bouncing

unseasonal snowfall
a security blanket
for timid grasses

his fingernails are
frosted yellow silhouettes
hand-rolled cigarettes

25 to Life
in the lineup he was the
right height and color

Also, to give everyone a quick update:
1st: I want to thank all of my new followers. I’ve received the most lovely, funny and heartfelt comments from you all and can’t wait to see the amazing things you publish in the future.
2nd: In order to keep my motivation up, I like to set myself little tasks/restrictions (like the video game posts of last week and the photography of Viva some time before that). This week’s theme, then, is zen(ish). So if you’re in it for the humor, watch some John Stewart, because I’m going to bring it straight spiritual.
3rd: If you have any suggestions for how I could make this place more interactive/fun/amazing/a home away from home (prompts, weekly challenges, photos from featured contributors), feel free to drop a comment down below. If you have suggestions that involve naked pictures and the like, I again refer you to Mr. Stewart. He brings the political scandal images H.A.M (and if you need more filth, just google “Santorum”).

6 thoughts on “Eleven Reasons Why I Avoid Haiku, or I Missed The Counting Segments of Sesame Street

  1. Great stuff. I agree counting is overrated. My haiku are short, moments in time with a transcendence at the end. My favourite is your hand rolled cigarettes one. Perfect. Thank you very much.

      1. Until recently my creations have done a lot of staying locked away in folders never being seen. I am so glad I discovered blogging and people like you who are associated with it. I wonder why I was reluctant to start for so long.

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