Uudu’s Return (like the last of the LOTR or Star Wars)


They want Uudu to do something with her
What it is
he doesn’t know
Maybe the answer is a kata
like a kung fu dance
or battle royale
but pandas are peaceful creatures.

She, mostly white haired
and he, mostly black
live lives opposite each other
like the eyes of
And Yang.

Either way
they have been placed
within the same cage for many meals-
more than two
bare minimum
which is usually the number that matters:
the feast now
and the next one
No need for higher order calculus
at least for these bears.

She does not sip tea
like he is used to
Instead she presses herself against
the bars of the cage
as if her fur will cut the iron
into ribbons and
she can escape in her
newfangled metal kimono
Uudu supposes it may be too
heavy to be stylish
and will offer no wise enlightenment for
impatient pandas

Sometimes child sized people
press their faces
against the layer of glass
that separates the classes of mammals
almost as if to ask
how to pass to the other side of
the exhibit

If they would listen close
they could hear his answer
That they already are on the other side.


Also, if you have suggestions for next week’s theme (so far we’ve had poems inspired by photos, video game week, fairy tale month, and most recently, meditative verse), don’t hesitate to comment!

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