Cross my palm with silver, or storytelling for street performers


Today is my sister’s birthday. That little crazy kid is almost too grown up (age 15). And she has more talent in her little toenail than in all my fingers combined. So…I wrote her a poem. Because that’s what poetry people do. On special occasions. And pretty much every other time inspiration strikes (which is a special occasion in itself).
If you want to check out her work, look no further.
You’ll see why she’s so praiseworthy.
She’s dope, and not the drug kind.

I call her Rogue


How cool are circuses? Not the ‘watch this animal dance to the tune of a whip’ tricks of the Dumbos past, but a contemporary story that borders on fantasy. Everything from Cirque du Soliel and the high flying craziness of their performers to the intricate worlds of street clowns can make even profound poets speechless.

Circus, at it’s core, seems to be a world where leaps into the fantastical are the norm. And in doing so, it reminds us of the magic we experience every day. Maybe. If not, it can be an escape into a sanctum that plays away the daily craziness. It may make you laugh, or cry, or wonder why the hell you forgot that magic existed.

So my theme this week I to present circus stories (inspired by the suggestion of Bonnie Marshall). If you still need a fix though, why don’t you check out the amazing works of Neil Gaiman (especially “The Facts in the Case of the Departure of Mrs. Finch” found here)

Or why not try “The Night Circus
Or “The Troupe?”
Or of course the performing world of Kvothe?
Or Wonder show?
Or, finally, Freaks?

Okay, enough relentless plugging, on with the show…I mean poem!

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