CONTEST! And the most exclamation points ever used in one post!


© LRSarbu 2012

I realized today that this site has surpassed 50 75 followers. How amazing. I am truly humbled by the insane amount of support I’ve gotten over the past few months, as well as the incredible people I’ve had the opportunity to trade stories with. So, from the bottom of my inkwell, thank you.

Also, you may have noticed that the look of the site has changed. No, it’s not a rough draft nor brainstorm for a fantasy series (I’m no Rowling), more of a crazy foray into the pages of my iPad notes app. Like that episode of The Magic Schoolbus where the gang (and of course Ms. Frizzle and her Lizard) venture into the body of Ralphie (and find, much to their chagrin, the remnants of a hangover).
Yeah, it’s exactly like that.
Or the matrix.
Moral: don’t take pills without a prescription.

But I digress. In celebration of my loyal readership, I wanted to offer a poetry/prose contest. All you have to do is write a piece (please, no more than 50 lines), rewriting/retelling/expanding the tale of Little Red Riding Hood.

Either post the piece in the comments section, or link to it below.
You have until Friday THROUGH SATURDAY to scribe something brilliant.
I will announce the winner on Sunday (and runner up).
They will win an incredible, stupendous, waaaaay generous prize.

What’s that, you say? Cash monies?
Even better.
The prize will be:
Not cash monies.
Not cake

Nor bank
Nor Benjamins
Nor bacon
Nor lettuce
Nor Dead Presidents
Nor dough.

No. Instead, you could win:
-Your piece/blog featured on this very front page!
-A sketch and personalized poem by yours truly!
-A guest post of your choosing (1st place only)
-The aforementioned writing sent to your humble abode (1st place only)

-Soooooo many spare buttons!
-A pet rock that feeds on nothing but nitrogen!
-And a playing card (suit and number of your choice)!

Again, all you have to do is send over some Little Red Writing. Get it done by Saturday, the 14th.
Good luck!

Bonus: Inspiration!


37 thoughts on “CONTEST! And the most exclamation points ever used in one post!

    1. Word. The best pets are often the low maintenance ones, especially when they’re offered as prizes.
      As for Notes, it’s almost like handwriting.
      But it sacrifices fewer trees.
      And who knows, some of those saved saplings may grow up to be Ents.
      Or at least treehouses.

  1. Congratulations on reaching 50 followers. I can’t promise to take you up on your riding hood prompt, but it looks like fun. Thanks for your visit, read and like of my Rabbit Fairytale.

          1. Xerophytes are so cool! Instead of leaves, their bark is photosynthetic! And they’re really tasty.
            And they can heal burns and cuts.
            And I’m really starting to nerd out, so I’ll stop there

  2. Whee, fun! Challenge accepted! Right up my proverbial alley, this one. Already started, should be up by tomorrow…and my pet rock is looking forward to meeting yours! :p

  3. I really like Roald Dahl’s ver of Little Red Riding Hood. I read it in one of my speech classes and everyone loved it.

  4. lol well I do believe I must accept it has been a little bit since I had written a fairytale. I will try my best but since tomorrow is Friday I may not make it. 😀

  5. Reblogged this on My Life Uncut…Almost and commented:
    Reposting this from Anansi the Poet. Check out his challenge, and if you accept, you have through tomorrow and if we’re lucky, maybe Saturday to complete the assigned challenge. Should be fun!! 🙂 Thanks Anansi!!

  6. An image flashed
    Just for a moment…

    The wizened old woman
    Saw with her heightened sight,
    The flash of a blood red cape.

    A blood red cape
    Sheltering the soul
    Of a lost little girl.

    A girl lost in time
    And space amongst
    A wooded hollow.

    With measured patience
    The woman crafts a spell,
    One meant to save
    But ends up forsaking.

    Instead of measured
    Footsteps meant to guide
    The girl to find her soul again,
    The spell shifts the attention
    Of a trickster right onto
    The blood red path.

    The trickster sniffs the air
    And trots menacingly
    To the young girl’s side.

    He promises redemption and salvation
    To a girl lost in time.

    She begins to accept his
    Promises, when the breeze shifts

    Taking it as a sign
    The girl turns to run,
    But falls instead under the weight
    Of the trickster’s leap.

    Blood red leaves
    Shift in a breeze
    Carrying her soul home.

  7. Wow! That is tempting! Perhaps I will have my students write a version! Thanks for the like on the masking tape post! Exclamation marks revivify the world!

  8. That’s a really good drawing… I’m serious, it’s really really good. You know how to shadow really well. And I like that you use pen to sketch.

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