Doctor Red the Cosmetic Surgeon

I had my crazy face surgery today.
It looks awesome, see?


My face feels like they exchanged my nose for an elephant’s,
But besides the trunk, it’s going quite alright.

Though to help on the road to recovery,
I may have imagined a
grown up red riding hood
taking care of my tender proboscis
(which feels like an overlooked pancake
glued to my face.
All I need now is maple syrup).

Here is today’s poem:


The Scarlet Ratio

From an early age, Red
was able to create everything in
perfect proportions
Her drawings were born with their eyes
just the right width apart
her muffins were just the right size
and shape to stave away indigestion
or that Thanksgiving turkey feeling
and she could immediately tell
how big a boy’s
were just by looking at his feet

This insane ability to find
even the most minor of imperfections
helped her escape safely from
Mr. Big Bad himself
whose teeth gleamed a bit too large
to be a part of her grandmother’s face
and whose hungry eyes
made him look like an anime character

Red escaped and grew up to be a Doctor
Now she has the most dainty
dexterous digits
that could stitch
the wings back together
on a flinching dragonfly
that could sew a face
onto a raisin
or save the peel
of a shaved grape

Her hands do things that
amaze fairy shoe cobblers
and with the body as her canvas
she carves masterpieces
of beauty hidden inside
the minds of her patients

Yet she forgoes the white doctor coat
in favor of a worn riding hood
It reminds her of the first time
she cut open skin and fur and bone and tissue
to rescue a sopping red

8 thoughts on “Doctor Red the Cosmetic Surgeon

  1. Well the good news is that it hasn’t affected your creativity! Sleep must be a problem though eh? I mean, what if you accidentally roll over and end up on your face?

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