Contest Winner! And cake. Of the cup and cheese variety

I had a blast reading all the poems this week.
Thanks Angela Q
And mademoiselle bluebell
I had a blast reading the Big Bad encounters; it wasn’t easy picking a favorite.

But when forced to choose a winner,
it would have to be…

Adamamour! Congrats bud!


(read: celebration complete with balloon animals, confetti, and the rest of times square on new years)
I loved the work. It was just up my alley; really, really morbid, yet lighthearted at the same time. And damn humorous to boot. You made being eaten by a carnivorous wild dog seem almost mundane. And I love the notion that we only find honest family time when trapped inside a wolf’s insides. Again, congratulations, please send me an email at your convenience requesting:
-The theme of your personalized piece
-What you’d like your guest post to be about
-An address to send poems to


And although her poem was a bit over-limit, KC wins the honorable mention. I just love the way she intertwines and harmonizes the two voices in the story, and how her characters do a complete role reversal between hunter and hunted.
So KC, when you’re ready, just email
-The theme you’d like your personalized piece to touch on.


Now, in it’s entirety is Adamamour’s Family Reunion: A sheep in wolf’s clothing:

“You don’t really think I look like that beast, do you?

Although Red couldn’t see her grandmother’s face in the pitch black of the wolf’s stomach, she knew from the slight downturn of her voice that the question was meant to be both pitiful and insulting. She was begging for a compliment with a knife in her hand.

Red sighed quietly to herself. It had always been this way with her grandmother: Failure to visit resulted in guilt-ridden letters; visits were rewarded with sharp reprimands to visit more; standing to leave from a visit drew sulky expressions and the promise that she’d be dead long before Red ever visited again. She was a selfish old woman hungry for attention.

Red was fed up with it.

“Well, Grans, you know…sometimes you can be kind of wolf-like.”

In the darkness next to her, Red could hear her grandmother gasp lightly. Likely, she had pretended to swoon, momentarily forgetting that the two of them were blind.

After a few seconds, she huffed, “Well, I didn’t know you felt that way.”

“Sometimes, I do,” Red replied sharply, wishing her grandmother could see the defiant look on her face.

After that, they sat in total silence until the hunter sliced open the wolf’s belly with his axe, breaking the darkness and blinding them both with light.

“Ladies,” he said, flashing what would be a charming smile under less irritating circumstances. Stepping aside, he bowed to them.

Red pushed out from the parted folds of wolf skin and fat. With curt flap of her arms, she sent digestive goo flying from the tips of her fingers, splashing the walls of her grandmother’s house with the stuff as she stormed through the front door of the house with a blunt, “Goodbye.”

When the hunter’s eye fell back on Grans, she was wearing her favorite look of dejection. He offered her his hand, but she declined.

“That’s OK,” she said, seeming to sink lower into the cavernous belly of the wolf. “Reckon I’ll just sit in here for a bit longer.”

Again, very strong work from everyone involved. I’d love to host another contest starting next week, but this time I’ll try and be more democratic and poll potential topics.

4 thoughts on “Contest Winner! And cake. Of the cup and cheese variety

  1. Whee! My first win/runner up on any contest ever! I’ll have to go and buy myself a cup-type-cake to celebrate! Everybody had good stuff, btw. I love the picture on M. Bluebell’s story, and the quick-and-dirty words. Angela had an interesting pov, and some really distinct imagery and story elements. And Adam’s was short and sweet, with a lot sharp images and emotions…and I had that grandma. *nodnod* Passive aggressive to a fault. “oh, don’t mind me, I don’t mind the heat. I’ll just sit back here…” “gramma, do you want a glass of tea? Only if you’re making one for yourself, I don’t want to trouble you…” Straight quotes, that I remember very well, even though I was…16-ish, when she died? So 26 yrs. ago?

    Anyway, point is…yay contest, yay runner up, yay cupcakes and pressies. What exactly is my pressie, btw? (My pet rock is pouting…he was hoping to have little pebbles by autumn.)

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