Mad, I tell you, MAAAAAD! A Nod to Gertrude Stein


Mercury in Wonderland,
Into the mind of Madness Hats

Yes ma’am.
Why Ma’am?
To be polite Ma’am Queen, is all
Is all how my mother raised me to be
Is to be polite
With a heart
So Ma’am so so
I will do it.

are not
will be
to be
to not
be not
as being
living being
to be like a one of
many many many. Too many.
To abundantly, overwhelmingly many.



And once again:

Is this too much? Too too excess?
What about?
What about how?
How manys are it worth?
Seven manys?
Almost, but not quite
Sometimes 7 manys, but only on

Days of the week ending in day
Except for Thursday.
For a TH makes all the difference
Do you agree?
I would not drink thea, no

The March Hare says it is so.
So does Euclid:

So does that. That and thaty that and and and and and.
To be effervescent is to be numbers
In the clouds and collectively airy
Like water
It is hy high hi high hy hy hydro

Like bubbly bubble bubroundle bubbles.
Proud numbers like parent family
Parents of everything
Because of physics, see?
Because physics is where it began
And numbers.
Numbers is

easier than sentences.
Is easier than words
Like: 3,562,428,495.05
Is significant
Significantly many
Many as much as Superfluous.
But not too much
Because: 6.3489 x 10∞ is too much and it is

bigger than 3,562,428,495.05.
Much bigger.
Muchy much astronomically incredibly grandly gargantuanly bigger.
Almost bigger than unbirthdays, too.

But you know that already.
But I
I am
I like
I be
I live
I believe living
Be living
Am be live I believe am I living
To be as if chess pieces.
Like the Letter. Back to letters. Coming back to letters again, togethers and

Forming. Forming numbers forming words
but the letter L in capital.
Specialty especially special
Is how knights are made. They are made with Ls and horses
Do not forget the horses
Their importance is in jumping
So they need shoes that fit

Not tin. Not tin. Not tinny tin tin tin shoes
Move in Ls. Like the letter from before.
But in capitals, is important.
I am a knight
I am a knighty knight because I letter.

Or a bishop. Because because because
Because because
Of the __________ (is copyrighted).
A bishop and knight and
A King?

I am not not notty knotty not not a King.
Because it moves in either 1s or 1s. It doesn’t move in anything
but 1s and 1s, as we all know from everything,
every 1 is
unloved or lonely because
it is only

So I am not a king but a pawn, because
I can be anything when I get
to the end
Pawny pawn is only a pawn on the 6 squares
Pawny pawn is only a pawn on the 6 squared
For he cannot go on the 1s
The 1s in the back like the king
The end is to end
To be ended
the end fin
Fin Fin
One oney fin blue one two fin.
The cards say checkmate
will be extinct soon because
a) all of the above?


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