Amish living (or) a long-winded hiatus explanation plus PRIZE POEMS!

It started like any other middle school overnight trip. You know, not as educational as we would have hoped, because kids were far more interested in the hotel party experience than the history of colonial Massachusetts. Despite their lack of enthusiasm, there was quite a lot of picture taking and whisperings of wonderment muttered under the breath. Like, “Wow,” and “cool!” But heaven forbid your crush catches you thinking the blacksmith is awesome. Or that 19th century weaving machines look like the technology from a Miyazaki movie. No, those are observations saved solely for teachers’ ears.

All in all it was a great excursion. It’s just nice that the students came home with smiles on their faces. However, someone in the agricultural facsimile of the 1800s thought it would be a great idea to give someone special an honest Amish/tech-free experience. So he/she could be liberated from modern cyber-society. So they up and stole my IPad. Let’s just say i have bad luck with technology and leave it at that. And so that’s why I’ve been away. But worry not, life goes on.

As for my charity commitment, I decided, because of my hiatus, to donate an amount equal to both the likes and comments combined on my domestic violence posts. Which comes to a grand total of: $67.00. Since 67 is hardly a nice, round number, I’ll bump it up to $75.00 to the New York Center for Children. For real, thanks for trying to make me broke. I truly appreciate all of the support. And if you want to get involved more, just check out these awesome links:
New York Center or Children
KC’s Book
Summer Solstice

Again, thanks all of my “Likers” and “Commenters.” And thanks for staying with me despite my MIA/AFK-ness.

And now, back to regularly scheduled programming.
Adamarmour and KC, I owe you some poems. So without further ado, here are your monster and jackrabbit prizes:


Radioactive Playground

It is a Saturday when the tremors begin
Although they shake the very foundations
of the great metropolis
the local populous is unconcerned
for earthquakes are quite a common occurrence
and often result in little more than
a rearrangement of silverware
or unfolding of old laundry

They only begin to worry when the
rumbles don’t die
Some realize they sound a lot like footsteps
but by then it’s too late to avoid the rampage

A crazy radioactive beast
releases his vengeance on the city
smashing buildings as if they were
cardboard boxes
wrapped with tissue paper
as if perhaps they hid
the holiday gifts that
Santa replaced with coal
and radioactive waste

The creature throws a skyscraper
against the ground and it shatters
into a million pieces like the Tower of Babel
for he is the hand of God today
and the locals scream his name
in fear and warning
to the blind

Without hesitation the metropolis
crumbles like Lego blocks
but soon the military arrives
with their tanks and bullets and explosives
and waste no time hurling
the load of ammunition at the monster
It bounces off his skin as if made
of plastic with a birth certificate from China

It appears that the city is doomed
and there’s nothing anyone can do
to halt the Hollywood destruction
But in the country’s darkest hour
a call comes from downstairs
and the beast retreats to the dining room
to eat dinner
and fight another day


Dusty love

She’s the type of girl who can inspire
Wily behavior
Indeed the last trickster
who tried to win her heart
ended up at the bottom of
the Great Canyon

See Coyote decides to tie a rocket
to the front an old rusty pickup truck
and as his Jackrabbit love
passes the road on her way to
perhaps find the missing chicken
who crossed a day or so before
and ask what was wrong with
the hen’s side of the pavement
he ignites his firework

Unfortunately the wind
spirit is far too kind to his projectile
and he flies from the front bumper
leaving his vehicle far behind
The trickster is propelled
bodily off a mountain peak
and though for a few seconds
his missile defies gravity
the spell is broken when Coyote looks down
and sees the gravity of his acceleration
He goes careening down the cliff
creating a dog-shaped snow angel
in the canyon’s gaping mouth

Jackrabbit Girl just chuckles
and scrawls a squeaky “Wash Me”
on the windshield of Coyote’s pickup truck

5 thoughts on “Amish living (or) a long-winded hiatus explanation plus PRIZE POEMS!

  1. Don’t tell my wife, but I think I’m in love. A fantastic piece of work, good sir. Better than what I wrote deserved. Thanks so much. Now, to figure out how to blow up that piece of artwork to poster size…

    1. Haha, word, Mr. Armour (though you may have to change your name to Adam Amour now). I’m glad you enjoyed it, and if you want me to email you a print, don’t hesitate to ask bud.

  2. *squee* Thanks for the mention/link to Bones of Ash, and for the awesome poem! *hugs* You caught her so well, including the awesone hoodie and the way her fuff puffs out like hair. Love love love it. Poem is totally awesome too…part Coyoe the Legend, and part Wiley Coyote, Geenius!

    Love and kisses,

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