This message will self-destruct in two days

How to make people smile:

I bumped into a couple 8th grade students today
who were giddy with laughter.

I was afraid to ask,
but they told me anyway.

They, three petite teenagers
found themselves in a top secret mission
after purchasing what must have been
a couple dozen cream puffs
and stuffing them in a brown paper bag.

The clandestine girls walked down the street
discreetly, with the sack of contraband
tucked between their bodies.
One thought it a good idea
to hide her eyes with designer sunglasses.
Another practiced speaking quietly to
an invisible earpiece.

The third spy was charged with finding
the proper passerby.

After a block or so of searching,
the tiny Charlie’s Angels
converged on a homeless man
dressed in discarded winter clothing

They covertly passed the bag of goods
to Lazarus
and said, winking,
“You know what to do.”

Then, my students promptly ran away.


Courtesy of my student

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