Test Tube Breakfast


The Farm

I saw whole Cheese today with my own eyes.
Like a real cheese, before it’s made to food.
It was beautiful. It was this or so big;
a round, yellow circle that looked as if it were

plucked right from the ground that morning.
A cheese how nature intended, like how it’s grown
in agriculture, or far in the wild.
Someone even made it edible in slices

and somebody else manufactured by magic
sandwiches with pieces from the huge wheel
of au natural yellow goodness,
like the crayon color. I got to watch.
Then I was asked to guess where it came from.

Someone said the moon; I was not that naive
and answered confidently that cheese
does not grow on trees but rather
is made from laboratory experiments
or nowadays sometimes with an App.

I heard my teacher laugh in the corner,
but he was probably just surprised
that I got the answer right.


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