Tea party kleptomaniac


My Dear Mad Hatter,

I didn’t want to be the one to break this to you,
but you have an emergency on your hands.

I’m not sure you noticed,
but while you were looking elsewhere,
someone up and stole
your top hat right off your head.
And I know it was your favorite,
complete with mercury lining.
We should send word
to the queen of hearts
to send her suited guards by.

Seriously, this is worse than that time
when the rabbit invited that weird,
golden haired houseguest to
crash the Wonderland.
But it’ll work out.
No need to break up your tea party.
Let’s just sit down and
have some unbirthday cake.

Can you pass the tea?

-The Dormouse

12 thoughts on “Tea party kleptomaniac

  1. Dear Crazy Writer,

    I love anything that makes me think of Johnny Dep.
    Only I can take a classic story, and completely change the link-ups in my neural pathways to a movie star that STARRED in the movie version. I’m not proud of this. But, it WAS the beautiful and wonderful Johnny Dep. And he made an awesome Mad Hatter, I do think.

    And also, Amazing photograph!

    Signed, Crazy Reader*:)

  2. Anything AIW related is OK with me. I’ll take more, please. And yes, I did feel the need to abbreviate “Alice in Wonderland,” though that seems kind of pointless now that I’ve explained said abbreviation. Sigh.

  3. That’s neat, in an opiate-clarified way;)
    If you’ve never read Jeff Noon’s cyberpunk novel ‘Automated Alice’, I’d highly recommend it. I think it might be just your thing.

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