Turn Off The Dark

Photo credit
Mike Libby

Can he spin, spin a web?

Na let me tell you a story bout Anansi de tricksta.
You know bout how lil spiderman
became de keeper of all stories;
and when you tellin a story
you borrowin it from Anansi, rii?

Well, dis tale happen afta de animals
forgot howda speak,
and afta man forgot howda listen.
Where mos’ story happen a long time ago,
like in a far away galaxy,
Dis one be happenin rii now man.
It be de tale of how Anansi come to
create de worl’s mos’ dangerous superhero.

For real, it dun’ started out like always;
Anansi de spider was up to no good.
By now ‘e decided it was too much work
to trick all de creatures one by one
So ‘e began to plan a heist
to con up everyone at de same time.

Firs’ ‘e hadda fine a place to rob.
After searching’ fo’ some time,
‘e decided to knock over
de Main Bank in Gothem,
a victimless crime.
Beside’, Facebook say de Batman
wa’ busy savin de city from anoda’ Joka

So Anansi cased the joint fo’ a coupla weeks
justa see how tigh’ security was n’stuff.
O’course ‘e use a secret identity mask
wit a wide smile painted allupover ‘is face
an’ maybe a half mustache coverin’ ‘is lips
so dat de guards n’dem wouldn’ suspect ‘im o’ nuthin.

‘is plan was perfect;
but de night before ‘e was gonna commit de crime,
De police commissioner a’come a’knockin round’ midnight.
a case o’ mistaken identity,
‘e arrested Anansi fo’ tamperin wit de bat signal.

Well, Anansi didn’ care none if he got jailed
for’ sometin’ ‘e did wrong, but ‘e
was neva e’en near de bat signal.
So wen dem guards was lookin de otha way,
‘e done escape artist Houdinied ‘imself
outta ‘is four pairs o’ hancuffs
an’ ran like a racin’ wildfire.

‘E was bout to disappear into some shadows
wen a bright white light dun blinded ‘im.
Thinkin ‘e was being’ attacked by de Dark Knight,
Anansi lashed out at the source o’de flash.
Turns out ‘is jaws snapped on
a paparazzi photographer,
some nobody who go by de name o’
Peter Parker.
An’ de res’ is Marvelous ‘istory.

4 thoughts on “Turn Off The Dark

    1. However, I do deal with such green envy, Mrs. Potter. As such, you’d better enlist some protective spells around your poetry. Wouldn’t want those haiku to suddenly find themselves stuck with excess syllables…
      Seriously though, your poetry can inspire a life of crime. Like oceans eleven, diamond thieving stylings. It’s really bold of you to share it so publicly, and I for one am grateful to have the chance to read it.

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