Public Service Announcement in Elvish


This is not a test,

It’s not a drill.
It ain’t no Blue’s clues mystery.
Go into emergency procedures immediately;
This cat is bad news.

I heard he made the big bad wolf run away in terror
just by taking off his hood.

He played the Pied Piper for a fool,
buying his flute and selling it to the rats.

He scared Jafar to such a degree
that he stays in his lamp for all eternity
And has got Rumplestilkskin working away
in a sweatshop, spinning hay into Flavor Flav chains.

He’s gonna try to get you next.
Do not duck under your desk,
that will not work.
Do not stop, drop, and roll,
he will not burn you.
Do not cry to your gods,
for he has stolen their ears
and they cannot hear you.
Do not surrender.
It is too late to run
it is too soon to hide.

When the clock strikes twelve,
it’s your time to shine.
What rhymes will you use to fight him?

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