Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Nintendo


G33ks and Gamers

Sam must have some sort of comic book,
fairy tale, mythic or magical power
for she is hardly in sixth grade
and already saving the world.

Where most kids her age
have a hard enough time
liberating their vegetables
from the dinner plate
to deposit safely into a napkin
and photosynthesize another day,
she’s playing for keeps.

But it’s loud in the house of evil,
so Sam puts bags of frozen peas over her ears
to drown out the screaming downstairs.
See, two Beasts,
who ate their beautiful sides
a long time ago,
are at war
and cannot stop for their daughter.

Sam, in between the ice cold greens,
retreats to a place where
the demons in her closet
and the creatures under her bed springs
cannot follow.

There she can dive down green tubing
and reunite a plumber with the love of his life.

She can climb up a high rise of ladders
dodging tattered shrapnel along the way
to save herself from apes.

She can even wear the disguise of a priest,
join a Creed of medieval miscreants
and rid the Renaissance of Patriarchy.

These are more than just games to her.
They’re an escape to a place where
you control fate with mere fingertips;
and where you need not be crazy strong
or popular or even grown up
to win one for the Innocent;

only brave enough to press continue
when the time comes to
fight for the child inside

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