Man o’ Steel


Roadside Comic

He can speed faster
than a hot bullet running from the police
and leap sky-slicing buildings in a single hop
while keeping up appearances
of a nerdy human being.
The son of krypton
breaks all the laws of physics;
stopping a rogue missile on his fingertips
with little complication.

Nothing, not even clothing,
can escape his X-Ray vision,
which broadcasts in technicolor
so he can see the floral patterns on
the hips of Victoria’s secret models.
Our radiation filter has not yet gotten past
black-and-white TV technology.

Ka’lel makes gravity laughable
like an atom of noble gas
or a Super Saiyan battle
or a Higgs’ boson
cast like a summoning spell
by passing particles around Europe
like twin Olympic torches.

This means that when our hero
collides mightily with
a size XL eighteen wheeler,
he walks away unscathed.
The machine is not so lucky.

A superhero indeed,
who cannot be bothered to pick up
the pieces of engine
lying spent on the highway,
for he is busy saving his girlfriend yet again
and cannot stop for anything
that doesn’t contribute
to the plot of the action movie he’s in.

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