We are all made of moss



After the last Ice Age
the slate of the Scotland was left blank.
Erased by lazy glaciers rampaging
at a snails pace through the highlands,
it was a place where magic lay sleeping
beneath the icy Islands.

The barren land needed tending
and who better than a daring band of
faery landscapers to care for the rocky waste?
The particular clan of wee folk
whom we’re interested in
called themselves the Sidhe.

They were a family of Brownies
who dated back before the Great Freeze
and had been in the business of exterior decorating
since time immemorial.

The Sidhe took great pains to ensure
that the plains of Scotland remained uniform,
and for generations they would
layer a thick blanket of moss
across the country each spring.

In time, the once dying world became
a growing magic carpet of green worts,
and the forests housed gorgeous species
who set their spores aloft
on the wings of faeries.

But where every other Fay
laid moss and worts haphazardly,
there came a young family member
by the name of Theena
who dared to be different.

This magical Brownie girl
designed bryophytes into wild shapes
and while her parents wasted the capabilities
of the amazing peaty plants,
she created beings with hands and feet,
fashioned from herbaceous leaves,
and placed them upon treetops to be appreciated.

Some said Theena’s crimes could be seen from space
like crop circles for especially high flying Fay,
that she was the trickster behind
the Loch Ness monster caper
and other mystic visions of Scotland,
that she stuck her carpet-laying hands
where they didn’t belong.

Unfortunately, the young faery soon
began to believe the naysayers,
and vowed never to play with moss again.

But a funny thing happened
in the days following Theena’s retirement;
her creations began to take on more sunlight.
They grew brighter and brighter still
until they out-shined the sun in a blinding flash.

In the aftermath and police reports that followed,
faeries would swear they saw
the moss sculptures walking on two legs.
There were those that said they were flesh and bone;
some accounts even claimed that they
had heads with shaved faces on them,
like hairless apes wandering the lonely Highlands.
Whatever the truth of these statements,
soon the earth was overrun with humans.

The Fay call us Theena’s Children,
And there will come a day where her hands are needed again.


5 thoughts on “We are all made of moss

  1. The poem was beautiful. And the imagery so strong that the lore actually flowed before my eyes like a short movie. I am not much of a poetry enthusiast but this poem definitely invites some shares.
    You write very well.

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