The Tale of the Brave Little Knight Part I


There once was a fearless boy
who thought he was afraid of nothing,
until he met a secondhand girl
whose empty pockets were full of it.

His idea of an ideal evening
used to entail teasing shadows
for being ragged around the edges
and eating demons’ bad dreams
for a midnight meal,

but she would threaten him with the
vacant space lining the fabric of her pants;
doe-eyed she would dare him
to venture his hand inside
where hers awaited the company
of another’s fingers,
and he would freeze in fear
like a deer caught in the
sights of an eighteen wheeler
with rack and shotgun attached.

The young knight never felt so afraid before
or five
or six,
and the few seconds it took for his arm
to find its way in the darkness
into the safe haven of her waiting palm
were the longest of his little life,
like walking across hot coals
while waiting in the checkout line
to buy lion repellant
for the feline biting his leg
kind of long.

On that day the boy knew bravery,
because making a move
is quite serious business

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