Promise Rings for Superheroes (and a belated donut for Le Clown)


Let me introduce you to
Ms. Imes, a wild woman of science fiction.
With the hairstyle of a high school cheerleader
she never claimed to be a comic book geek,
but from an early age,
since she was a two year reader,
each time the summer season rolled around
she devoured every issue.

After waiting uncomfortably in a sleeping bag
for four straight weeks,
she collected Marvel Special Edition
Number 2012; Pond Hopping Heroes
the day it came out,
staying up as late as 3 am.
to catch the Live Action Role Play event
for X-men/women athletes.

Why, you may ask, did she sacrifice her evenings
to see creatures compete in sports
from before the Medieval Age?

Ms. Imes will tell you, without reservation,
that The Games are like butterflies born from cocoon casings,

Like lilacs that bloom after immolation,

Like Xboxes, because growing up playing is the best way to face insurmountable odds.

She’ll vow that they’re like elephants on the roof
because they don’t fit in the room,

Like mad scientists making super viruses
just to find antidotes to the vile,

and like the ace of spades brought back to life
after being torn and discarded.

Ms. Imes will admit she grew up thinking superheroes existed;
she didn’t know how right she was.

The Flash had to retire his costume
after losing to Olympic sprinters,
whose speed creates Bosons if ever they collide.

Aquaman went into hiding after finding
human swimmers close in on his fins.

Finally, Professor X put Cerebro to sleep;
it couldn’t compete with the vivid mind control abilities
of endurance athletes.

The heroes and purveyors of ancient games are hardly obsolete;
for these exceptional athletes remind us
that it’s the face behind the mask that matters.

And while each nation sends different masters
to battle for the chance
to shout their anthem to the masses,
it’s the fact they see each other as equals
that will be passed to the next generations.

For this act of equality will serve as inspiration to train
for the greatest 1st place of all:
An age of Peace.

3 thoughts on “Promise Rings for Superheroes (and a belated donut for Le Clown)

  1. Anansi,
    I’m not too keen on poetry, so please forgive my analysis if I’m way off. Now, I’ve read it. And I understood a few words; “the”, “and” “of”, among others. But I haven’t found a donut… nor a doughnut… I did like the colour of the fonts, though!
    Le Clown

    1. Well I’m amazed that you managed to stumble your way into a compliment…much appreciated. As for your breakfast pastry (which we shorten to donut here in the USA because, you know, that gives it fewer calories), it’s present only in spirit, this being a sickly sweet piece to go along with the bitter coffee. Next time I won’t beat around the proverbial breakfast nook and just say, “Hey, Le Clown! Read my post, because I want your attention!”

      1. Anansi,
        And I will oblige. Oh. And. I’m working on my blogroll. You’ll have all my attention there, Anansi. It was overdue.
        Le Clown

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