Oh, Canada Sci-Fi Placeholder


Hey all,
Just wanted to say I’ve been hangin in Montreal the past few days, but will update as soon as I am able. In the meantime, here’s a placeholder for you to enjoy!

What happened when New York was annexed by Canada

In a different timeline,
the Maple Leaf was the flying banner
of the United States.
Hockey was the national pastime of Manhattan
and Moose roamed wild throughout the land.

Yes, moose. Alces alces.
Today they’re running loose on the
boulevard between 77th and 84th.
The East Side is in a total shutdown,
where a wide range of moose
have moved into the subways,
and are refusing to pay
for their rampage on the 6 train.

For days they’ve been
stampeding through the city—
There are bulls with palmate crowns
atop their regal heads,
and cows chomping down
the dogwood trees lining Madison Ave.

The city has needed to install signs
that warn of the dangers of feeding
the strange animals.
“Vamoose,” they say, “stay back, get away
from the display of wildness
reflected wildly in graffiti windows.”
Shops are tagged with furrows of antlers,
a latticework of the carved nicknames
of teenage tagging calfs.

The mayor finally instituted a new “green” policy
to deal with the “Moose nuisance.”
The sidewalks are repaved with droppings
of hazel hedgerows and the city’s trees
are pruned cleanly,
free of charge.

So long as the city can provide enough greenery
the people and deerish creatures can coexist in peace.
But if the veggies run out,
heaven help the Yankees.

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