Let down your hair and chillax a bit: the Brave Little Knight Returns


(Read with caution, for the title contains some false advertising)

Where the Brave Little Knight fights his alter ego

Only age eight, and the brave boy
is well on his way to shake hands with royalty.
He’s climbed to the tippy top of a fountain in the mall
(the highest mountain in town),
he’s let teasing insults bounce off his skin
like it were made thousands of invisible springs,
he’s even helped the king of the playground
find his missing imaginary friend
after an especially animated argument.

Though the child in shining armor
has already grasped the art of
keeping doors ajar for passerby and
unfastening hard-to-open jars,
he has a long road to travel
before he can master the chivalric code.

To train for his noble quest to protect the helpless,
and perhaps be dubbed one day
the way anime characters are,
he spars with himself.
Don’t misunderstand,
he doesn’t manhandle his own left side with his right,
Or fight dirty by sticking fingers up his nose.

No. To prepare for battle
he trades blows with his shadow.
It’s hard work to throw punches
at the shade beneath his feet,
and often he’s sneak attacked
when he faces the light,
so the Little Knight trains with
eyes towards the darkness.
This is how he wins against his alter ego,
by smothering it in the silhouettes of other dark reflections.

Our brave hero faces an enemy,
as these tales often seem to need.
He has an older sister
but she is not the demon that he dreams of defeating.

There is an evil monkey that he sees
ride about her shoulders;
a backpack whose straps
continue to tighten around his sibling’s torso
in an attack that leaves her breathless.

Before the creature took up residence on her back,
she would read her baby brother stories
of how love could deflect the attacks of any bad guy.
So he made her a cake one day:
well intentioned if unsymmetrical,
and mixed in all the love his little arm could muster
but the fiend merely ate the frosting.

Though the sight of the beast
strikes fear into the Little Knight’s heart,
he heard one time from a motivational speech in a movie
that courage is behaving bravely
especially when you’re afraid inside.
So the chivalrous boy saved the rest of the pastry,
for its remains could make stale cake crumbs
that may lead his lost sister back home.

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