Undead Takeover, Day 1


Text recovered from The Incompete Undead Handbook, found on the bloodied person of one G_____ Brother, deceased

(Found near the end of the journal)…are writing this account in the case that there are survivors. If you are out there, maybe the information in this manuscript will save you if they rise again…ntained within the following pages are a description of the demons, a list of those affected, combat tac…

24 hours since first sighting:

It appears that an infection has claimed the lives of five of the seven dwarves. They were admitted to the Mirror Mirror Urgent Care Center after claiming that Snow White, following 100 days of death, went crazy and smashed out of her glass coffin…arf Doc, the combat medic of the bunch, crudely dressed her festering wounds with s…n’t seem to respond.

“After she reanimated,” explained a dwarf (perhaps Grumpy, though they were all pretty miffed by this time so it was quite hard to tell between them), “she began to take bites out of us like we were a side of buffalo wings with blue feelings dip.”

Unfortunately for the short men, they were on the watch-list from a history of abusing narcotics. Though those days were far behind them, the head of admissions left them to sit in the waiting room for the better part of two hou…en the dopiest of the bunch presented with symptoms similar to a rabid horseman of the apocalypse who had nitroglycerin injected into his veins. In the reports that followed, hospital staff observed that after each miner turned, they muttered nothing but “Brains,” with an emphasis on the “aaaaiiiiins.”

For this poem, because it’s so long, I thought I’d try something new. I’m publishing excerpts as a serial in deference to the broke writers of old. This means that each day, I’ll release a new part of this story. To save your eyes, of course (not as a ponzi-looking, self-promotion scheme).

However, in order to make sure this zombie takeover is what you’d like to be reading, I’m requiring at least ten comments per poem in order to keep the story going. This means if you really like these little excerpts, but you’re the only one (or everyone else seems to be having social anxiety), you can invite a friend to comment on your behalf.

Either way, thanks for the support, you’re all awesome and I would save your brains for last if I had any power over the zombipocalypse. But I don’t.

Say something, Crazy Reader!

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