My precious: graduating class of 1812


We were ten pygmies strong,
not including me, the Snow White
in this story of nine dwarves,
plus one who went through puberty.

We went to the woods for a history lesson,
to live like they did in the 19th century,
in a phone reception-less laboratory where
our poor leprechauns turned to bribery,
promising wishes for a little phone service.

Besides a bit of time traveling wifisickness
they were the best short adventurers
that anyone could ask for.

The diminutive students trekked
through weather from Mordor
to the crest of Mt. Doom;
to them it was named Rattlesnake Mountain
but they were hobbits all the same.

One eighth grader even lost a ring to the
hungry mouth of fog that
swallowed the rocky peak.
A offering to the gods
made it easier to leave behind.

2 thoughts on “My precious: graduating class of 1812

  1. Lovely.. i was mesmerized with the 1st stanza! I’m gonna seek ur permission to read a collection of your poems! 🙂
    the freshness that you bring to ur subjects really makes me feel younger! 🙂 Keep it up!

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