Monsters are fed up with intolerance


There is nothing wrong with Dracula
loving another bloodsucker,

Nothing scandalous about the Wolfman
lusting after an animal with fur on his chest,

Nothing awful between an evil queen
and her opposite chess piece
wanting some privacy
after a particularly intense checkmate,
and frankly it’s none of your business
if they play a game while the kings babysit.

There is nothing arresting about Medusa
visiting her snake-headed girlfriend
in the emergency room,

Nothing off about Nessie
eating the bullies who tormented
her Loch Ness daughter
when she refused a jock’s propositions,

and not a thing that’s bad
about two gay dads,
even if they happen to
raise their kid in the Black Lagoon.

Homo means “same,”
It’s how we should see all people.
It’s part of our species classification.
It’s the first half of our “sapient” name.
Funny how “gay” shows
the darker side of our nature.

Funny how the creatures of the night
seem to get equality right
before we do.


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