Morbidly Red and Green Part II: Facebook Stalkclaus


He’s making a list.
Checking it daily.

He logs every twitter comment
Reads every newsfeed
Subscribes to every evil youtube video
that’s hiding behind a pristine username
like catsincerealboxes98.

He wakes up early these days
(no later than Halloween),
to make sure by the holiday season
he’s read each and every comment
carved out of 140 characters or less.

Mr. Red has seen the best of students
seduced by the web’s
little green goblin henchmen.
Behind the curtain of a keyboard,
teens stab s-words into each other
like dueling rams in heat
with a dictionary on their hands.

He’s inspected the keystrokes
and amended his naughty list
(which has grown far to large in recent years).

And though they may be faceless online
no bully will escape the coal
they find gift-wrapped on Christmas.

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