Silent Knight; Got a light?


On the day he was born
from a single spark and some kindling,

All the angels came to see,
whispering “he’s gorgeous.”

And all the demons crowded too
and sang that “he’s so beautiful,”

And no one knew the danger
that they were staring at.

2 thoughts on “Silent Knight; Got a light?

  1. Tell me about it! This is brilliant!

    I don’t blame the child, though. If his mother just admitted she was a slut and cheated on her husband, she didn’t have to come up with that lie that the wind, erm… God impregnated her.

    The poor child grew up to think that he was God’s son and drove a lot of people nuts in the progress… Guess he never knew that 2012 years later they’d still be talking about him.

    You can say whatever you want about this guy, but he knew his PR.

    Awesome poem.



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