Truly silly for the holidays and armchai


Surf Ninjas meets Afroman

Check it, there was this blind man, right?
Maybe it was wolverine in disguise
because something awful happened
to his adamantium hands and he was
afraid to be seen in the light of day.
Anyways, he was walking through Quan-Su, right?
Trying to buy some knives.

With all the money in the world,
he could not find one piece of cutlery
suitable to his needs,
neither a razor’s edge
unsuitable besides.

And while he squandered
the last light of the day
attempting to sway the merchants
to let him slice to his heart’s delight,
bargaining with the contents of his pockets
and trading a Colt 45 and rolling papers
for the mere sight of icy silver,
he did not know:
Money can’t buy Knives.

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