And the Giant Peach


Did you bite the forbidden fruit?
Did you make a face while chewing?
Did it taste like apple juice, 5000 years past
it’s expiration date?
What would the snake say if he saw you eating,
or are you wearing him on your feet?

Did you spit out the seeds,
or did a tree blossom in your belly?
How did it feel when the fruit
grew in your esophagus,
and why didn’t you listen
to your conscience when it repeated
your mother’s warning that
a seed thrives on stomach acid?
Does the trunk have a bark exoskeleton
or is your skin enough protection
from the elements?

Is it hard to breathe with those
branches in your throat?
Do people ask to touch them a lot?
How does it feel?
Do bees pollinate the flowers,
and do you have to keep your mouth open
during honey season?
How many times were you stung?
Would you prefer butterflies?

Can you still eat solid food?
Do you mind drinking your meals
from now on?
Do you give the fruit away to charity?
Is it sweet, or does it
depend on the time of day?
When you wake up, does it
taste like morning breath?
How many people does it feed?
Do you regret eating the seeds?
Would you do it again?

One thought on “And the Giant Peach

  1. Good one. Reminded me of my childhood when I was freaking out over having swallowed the seeds of an orange and mom scared me more by saying that an orange tree would now grow in my stomach. I distinctly remember having dreams wherein the tree’s branches burst out of my belly. 😉

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