iOS Apocalypse


On the day Steve Jobs entered the Pearly Gates,
there were riots.

The ghosts had a field day
at the sight of his wrinkled jeans and black T-shirt.
Classic Mac.

Gladiators retired from engaging the masses of history
and left the heavy lifting to the lowercase i.
“Are you not entertained?”

God did not play dice with Einstein,
But cheated spacetime
to roll like Rick.

Fermat posted videos asking
that math addicts subscribe to his proofs,
proving the theorem only if it had
a million hits or more.
Evidence gives more thumbs up than down;
Caesar would be proud.

The prophets got so behind on their to do lists for God
from reading reddit and playing angry dodos
that they never opened
important emails from the almighty
and missed the four horsemen come and go.

Noah’s ark used USB Keys to save the DNA
of important species.
A seed bank for meat
cooked with the convenience of a keyboard.

And the angels looked down from their
lowercase iScreens to watch
history and myth mix with modern technology,
and they were too bothered
to care.

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