Run away from a hurricane straight into a relationship


Cupid is in the back of the bar again.

He shot the server who thought a baby needed an ID check;
she’s currently buying a beer for a barstool,
with her heart right where she left it,
in her throat.

Love at first sight made from
a little woodgrain, wood grain and an arrow.

Cupid is drinking alone.
He made the mistake of firing first
and asking questions later.
He should have confirmed they were single on Facebook
or at least seen their twitter accounts for
tweets of significant pets,
for anyone who mentions
the eating habits of their cats
is definitely not in a relationship.
Unfortunately, Cupid’s undeveloped thumbs
aren’t dexterous enough
to use social media on the move.

Cupid tried his hand at online dating,
and now a baby is drinking
the rest of the bar patrons
under the table.
While matchmaking,
a trigger happy attitude caused
love triangles/rectangles/icosahedrons
more convoluted than the shape of
a kindergarten paper heart.

He’s stuck his bow in a place
that was never meant for his bow:
and now he’s paying for it
with a hangover in the morning.

3 thoughts on “Run away from a hurricane straight into a relationship

  1. I love it 🙂 And haven’t most of us been there at some time in our lives — firing first and asking questions later? When young, it’s a healthy learning experience. When old, it’s likely to bring on a coronary.

      1. Valentine’s Day in the UK — a US import, I believe?

        My day started with an exchange of cards, then reverted to normal, including a rushed evening meal, followed by a practice session with my junior choristers, followed by a cup of tea and slice of battenburg cake, followed by bed and sleep.

        PS One of the junior choristers (aged 11) told me she gave a boy a Valentine’s card and then asked him out. When he said “no”, she snatched the card off him and tore it into tiny pieces 🙂

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