Choose your background carefully

20130512-190740.jpgComu Ventu

Everyone has a narrative they tell themselves
Or their parents say
Or their friends
Or exes

“I’m a CIA agent,”
“You’re just like your brother,”
“I’ve never lost a game of speed chess”

and it gets repeated
so much that it becomes fantasy
and so often that the fantasy becomes true:

“I’m just not good at math or dating,”
“Your face won’t freeze if you keep smiling,”
“We put the fish back in the ocean,”
“I’m a real boy.”

The fairy tale deletes the rest of your story,
the interesting parts where you learned
what it means to feel guilty when
you eat a candy bar before Halloween
or how you used to be a fireman when you were four,
a hypnotist when you were seven,
a magician at 11,
and a doctor when you’re 80.

It is a plot hole from which astronomy can’t even escape,
and instead of a “choose your own adventure,”
drives the story to a comedy of errors
or a tragedy
or a pure written version of an undetermined future
and it’s up to you to break free
and to see those walls as nothing
but words scribbled on the thinnest of paper.

Just because a story is repeated doesn’t make it true
And just because its never told
doesn’t mean it never happened.

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