Horror breaks the fifth wall



Why didn’t he know there were monsters in the closet,
that the clown was evil from the beginning,
that his prom date’s intentions were far from good,
that the wolves were waiting?

He should have seen it coming;
should have heard the voice-overs
or listened to the movie theater patrons
screaming “Look behind you!”
He should have seen the trailer,
because that two minute teaser
gave the secret away:
Don’t go into the basement.

He was on the set
when they were filming Act I Scene III,
he should have heard the warnings,
especially since the villain
couldn’t get his monologue right,
and had to repeat it 48 times,
if the number of takes was any indication.

Maybe he stayed in the background
or rounded the catering table,
talking to the director about getting more screen time
(big mistake),
or taking a groupie into his trailer.

But despite the foreshadowing
made from dark shadows and a sepia filter,
and the ominous music that could be heard
through broken eardrums,
and the fact that none of his friends came back
after climbing down that ladder,
he went into the cellar anyway.

The director did not yell “cut,”
but still heads rolled.

Your audience knows more than you;
just ask if you need a spoiler.

2 thoughts on “Horror breaks the fifth wall

  1. It’s so funny that you used this photo… Especially since the goat looks like he’s thirsting for blood. I couldn’t stop laughing when I was reading the poem. =]

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