Nerds have a secret admirer

20130527-001624.jpgPhotography © LR Sarbu

Cupid’s busy at the school.

The halls and lockers are packed
with nerds, like an overstuffed animal
about to burst with cottony chemical reactions
or an inappropriate teenage party
featured in the latest “Scary Movie” franchise.

It’s a little late for Valentine’s season,
but the cherub’s realized
that people fall in love
whether it’s February or not.

Eros follows the curiosity in the air
to hot auditorium on a Wednesday night,
where children are explaining science.

The Young Frankensteins have
gathered their experiments,
their lab rats,
their radioactive waste,
dressed them in bowties
and shatter-proof containers,
and invited the greatest scientists
to examine, prod, scrutinize, probe
and otherwise dissect
these 21st century creations.

Their eyes shine when asked
how they breathed life into their science projects
with the help of a little electricity
and maybe a hadron collider or two.

They smile maniacally
describing the secrets of a heartbeat
or the heat of a volcano
or the reason for biofuels
or tucking icebergs in to sleep.

They kidnap their teacher’s infatuation
with black holes and green energy,
dinosaur teeth and glowing jellyfish,
Reese’s candy and laundry detergent,
leaving them with Stockholm Syndrome
or some other malady where they sympathize
with the natural world.

Eros watches in fascination.
As a geode explode in the corner of the room
and a tentacled creature reaches through
his dark aquarium to swallow up
an overly harsh judge,
Cupid realizes these kids are in love.
With science.

He notches an arrow and lets it fly;
His quiver is empty before the first bolt strikes it’s target.

2 thoughts on “Nerds have a secret admirer

  1. Oh my gosh you gave me the best idea! I’m gonna visit my mom’s lab and take pictures! Hopefully I’ll be allowed.

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