Origin Story or: [Insert Creative Title Here]


The Origin of Our Name

fairy tale graffitiWhat is the etymology behind our title? “Magystical Fantastigasm” [maj-is-ti-kuh l fan-tas-ti-gaz-uh m] is a portmanteau, amalgamation, frankenword (not to be confused with frankenfood), or, let’s be honest, just plain nonsense. It combines the words “magic,” “magi,” “mystical,” “fantastical,” “fantasy,” and “Fanta” (the soda) ALL into two words. Finally, the ending syllable is the peak of excitement you get when you reach the climax… of a really good book.

And just as “Fantasia” combines the unlikely arts of music and animation, Magistical Fantastigasm aims to mash up the Beauty of photography with the Beast of poetry. And now, without further ado, we present “Bohemian Rhapsody in Blue Man Group:”


Text recovered from The Incompete Undead Handbook, found on the bloodied person of one G_____ Brother, deceased

(Found near the end of the journal)…are writing this account in the case that there are…

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