Gather ‘Round the Kite


“As legend has it, schoolchildren in Hans Christian Andersen’s 17th-century Danish town played hooky from school just to hear him spin his tales. Each time he felt like telling another one, Andersen signaled his desire by flying his kite. When the kite rose, word spread quickly, and the crowd gathered.”

Excerpt courtesy of Steve Weber.

goofballLet’s cut right to the chase, put yourself into the mind of the Middle East, like the Disney scene that begins Alladin. A lonely street rat stands idly on the corner, empty handed. Let’s see what he’s up to:

So there I was, caught with my pants down, if you’ll forgive the expression, with a naked candybar in one hand and fingerprint ink on the other. You get what you pay for… and I paid 400 DH (Dirham) for it, so this had better be some good-ass eats. Chocolate is expensive in Morocco… actually…

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