Science is Magic (Short)


Part of what’s terrifying (and beautiful) about science
is how answers beget more questions.
The second you find out what people are made of,
that’s the second you begin to wonder about DNA.
And when you learn about DNA,
you want to know more about genes.
And finding out about genes…
Well, you get the idea.
Your jeans never fit,
they’re always growing two pants sizes too big
and it’s all you can do to keep your knowledge
from spilling onto the floor.

Science is like falling down this infinitely long rabbit-hole,
and you learn to love the feeling of tumbling
more than the idea of where you’re falling towards,
because you’ll never hit the bottom
and you’ll never find the white rabbit,
he’s always relatively one clock tick
ahead of you.

It’s an infinitely large game of chess.
When you begin and the board is small,
it’s easy to understand and predict the pieces.
Plants grow this way,
and elements behave that way,
and you know you’re brilliant
when you see S=k log w.
But just as you’re beginning to understand how pawns of mass behave,
you realize that a little further down the board
there are these weird pieces of dark matter and black holes and Higgs fields
that move in weird ways that you can’t predict.

That’s the beauty of inquiry;
It is the quest for questions,
not answers.

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