Welcome to Physics


I’m going to be honest with you:
You could take over the class if you wanted
There are 18 of you and only one of me
You can text everyone the night before an assignment is due and not turn it in
You could take unflattering photos of me during a bad hair day and post them on Instagram
You could draw on the desks when I’m not looking
You could mutiny

But I don’t think you’re going to do that
Why not?

Because you’re curious.
You want to find out why we aren’t being sucked into a black hole right now
Or why people make such a big deal out of Einstein
Or if we could throw stuff off the roof like Galileo did
Or how rockets work
Or what light is
or music.

Deep down, I think you all have questions. Big ones. About life, the universe and everything. And I can promise you that in this class, I’ll do everything in my power to get you closer to the answers.

A while ago, scientists learned that biology, all the life on this planet and all the things it does, is just chemistry. Fear is just chemicals trying to keep us alive. Love is just a lot of molecules that act a lot like drugs. People smile because their is an imbalance in the ion channels of their muscles. And we want to blow things up simply because it’s cool. Or very, very hot.

After a while, scientists dug deeper, and saw that chemistry was just physics. Atoms and stars follow only a couple of rules that we can describe in equations. The universe is just a bunch of energy that’s spread out over time and space. Math has a purpose outside of the classroom an numbers are magic. And life? Well, give hydrogen enough time, and it starts to explore its family history.

Physics is just the universe trying to figure out how it works.
And you are an instrument of space beginning wonder where it came from.
Don’t forget that.

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