Magystical Fantastigasm

20130606-222030.jpgTrickster Tales and Gypsy Pictures

I’m proud to announce a new collaboration entitled “Magystical Fantastigasm.” It combines words from AnansithePoet with the stunning photographs of ComuVentu.

We’re working on something top secret and I’ll admit, somewhat dangerous (which is what you’re supposed to say if you want your audience hanging on to your every word).

Then, I believe you’re supposed to go on to note that this mysterious collaboration will dramatically change the world. Like Shakespeare-dramatically. I just need your help.

Then I ask for money. Wait…that’s a Nigerian scam. Scrap that. Just check out what we’re doing over at

If you’re disappointed, you can write your comments on the back of a series of unmarked, $100 bills and send them our way. We’ll read every one.